emerging interfaith leaders


Emerging interfaith leaders

CIC engages emerging leaders through peer to peer lead immersive experiences and dialogue. These emerging leaders become a catalyst for the realization of CIC’s vision for Indianapolis to be a community that pursues peace through interfaith understanding and cooperation.

CIC has provided space for young people to develop interfaith relationships for over 11 years.  The Emerging Interfaith Leaders program is open to teens and young adults aged 14 – 24. The 2024 EIL program is currently working to create a deeper more intense experience over a one week period over the summer. Details, registration, and other information will be made available as soon as it is available.

Upon completion of this week long summer program, EIL participants will:

  • Understand how to measure their own cultural agility 
  • Complete training and describe their own contributions to interfaith cooperation
  • Hold “bridging” conversations from diverse viewpoints
  • Be able to describe demographic and faith context of their local community
  • Visit four faith communities and be able to use the Sacred Space Tours as a model for inviting others to their own faith community
  • Receive an Interfaith Leadership certificate and commit to one experience or interaction to further interfaith cooperation
  • Be recognized as an Emerging Interfaith Leader by faith and local civic leaders
  • Be eligible for nomination as an Emerging Interfaith Leader of the Year
  • Develop their own religious literacy and empathy and share their experience to help others understand their faith tradition
  • Ambassadors may join CIC work groups to advise on youth programming, facilitate future youth dialogues, or participate as a speaker or facilitator in Religious Diversity Training and other CIC programs.

Join the 2024 Cohort:

Email Josih Hostetler, Program Director at josih@indycic.org


Emerging Interfaith Leader of the Year

Formerly the Interfaith Youth Ambassadors, the Emerging Interfaith Leader of the Year is presented to an individual to recognize them for their interfaith service in the community. The Emerging Interfaith Leader of the Year is identified through their involvement in CIC programming and their work within CIC connected faith organizations.

Listing of Previous CIC Interfaith Youth Ambassadors:

2022: Imaan Mirza 2022: Trace Held

2024: Komal Kaur Chohan 2024: Komal Kaur Sahi