Interfaith Encounters

Interfaith Encounters

CIC facilitates interfaith encounters throughout the year, from large outdoor events to small group or one-on-one dialogue.  The safety of participants is of utmost concern, and in-person activities are making a comeback as local regulations and venue capacity limitations allow.  Visit the calendar to see upcoming events, and continue to engage with us virtually in a Digital Dialogue.

Digital Dialogues and Conversation Springboards

During the summer of 2020, CIC introduced the CIC Interfaith Digital Dialogues to continue making progress on its goals of increasing religious literacy, building empathy, and facilitating interfaith encounters in a virtual space. The program paired interested participants with peers from another faith tradition in order to have a virtual “coffee date” and get to learn about one another’s faith traditions. Conversation Springboards offer a new way to engage in CIC’s Digital Dialogues.

In April 2021, CIC began hosting Conversation Springboards live on Facebook.  These panel discussions focus on a theme and bring together practitioners of different faiths to bring awareness to an issue and kickstart further dialogue.  Dialogue participants are arranged in small groups rather than pairs to continue the conversation.

After each Interfaith Conversation Springboard, we invite you to join an Interfaith Digital Dialogue small group for discussion of the topic.

Sign up to join a small group discussion below.

By signing up, you are indicating your interest in being paired with peers for conversations about your religious traditions and the monthly theme. Anyone is welcome to participate in this dialogue, but minors require parental permission. 

Once you sign up, you will be sent contact information for dialogue partners. It will be up to you and your partners to set up a time to talk for 30-60 minutes. You can speak by Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp, phone, etc.