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interfaith alliance for mental wellness

As part of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation, the Interfaith Alliance for Mental Wellness stands as a testament to our commitment and dedication to fostering a deeper understanding of mental health within our faith communities. Recognizing the unique mental health challenges faced by our youth and young adults, especially in the wake of global events, our mission is to create safe, inclusive spaces where individuals can discuss, learn, and find support. By combining cultural education with mental health awareness, and by partnering with prominent local organizations, we aim to dispel stigma, equip our congregations with resources, and empower our youth and their support systems. Through workshops, discussions, and community partnerships, we envision a future where mental wellness is embraced and understood across all faiths and cultures.

This program is supported by Ascension St. Vincent

"These walls speak" art gallery

Burma Now

Center for Interfaith Cooperation and Hope for Tomorrow have partnered together as part of CIC’s Interfaith Enrichment Corps program to bring the work of six (6) Burmese artists from Burma (Myanmar), the United States, and Australia. The exhibit aims to introduce and connect Indianapolis residents to their Burmese neighbors, many of whom have had to leave their home country and reconstruct their roots in the community. 

“This art can bring our community together and raise basic awareness of the ongoing brutality in Burma,” said Justin Thang, director and founder of Hope for Tomorrow, a non-profit that supports the Burmese community in Indianapolis. “This exhibition may also remind the Burmese youth: our country is still suffering.”

“Art can be a catharsis and can play a role in mental health,” said Charlie Wiles, director of CIC. “It’s an entry to understanding the experiences, journeys, and perspectives of our Burmese neighbors. We are glad to honor Hope for Tomorrow’s vision to build bridges between the Burmese and American communities through education and service.”

This program is supported, in part, by IU Health and IU Health Foundation through the Community Impact Investment Fund.

New View Film Series

A New View Film Series — a partnership between Center for Interfaith Cooperation and Butler University’s Center for Faith and Vocation — journeys outside everyday life to explore new worldviews through films.

The Butler University Center for Faith and Vocation and Center for Interfaith Cooperation continue to
co-sponsor this unique webinar series to promote understanding and foster respect for differences through the lenses of interfaith understanding, diversity, civil discourse, and social justice.

A New View Film Series — a partnership between Center for Interfaith Cooperation and Butler University’s Center for Faith and Vocation — journeys outside everyday life to explore new worldviews through films.

Each screening will be followed by a discussion with the audience.

2023 – 2024 Film schedule

Monk with a Camera • September 13, 2023

“Monk with a Camera” is an engrossing documentary about a privileged young American who leaves fashion photography to become a Buddhist monk in India, then returns to photography to provide some crucial help to his monastery while balancing monastic and public life. Roger Ebert

Rebound • November 2, 2023

“Rebound” follows two women from starkly different circumstances as they rebound from incarceration and seek refuge and opportunity in academia. Struggling to recognize their worth, these aspiring scholars find acceptance, sisterhood and hope for a new life. Gooddocs. A post-film discussion will feature local experts involved in a project working with incarcerated women with children.

Shiva Baby • January 31, 2024

“Shiva Baby” explores Jewish and bisexual identity and representation as a young, bisexual Jewish woman attends a shiva (Jewish mourning gathering) with her parents. The film follows Danielle on her way to meet her family for the somber occasion where she runs headfirst into a slew of questions about her prospects, both professional and personal, from family, friends, and relatives. Roger Ebert

Dalya’s Other Country • March 6, 2024

Dalya, a Syrian refugee living in America, tries to be a normal teenager. Yet under the shadow of Donald Trump’s rise to power, she must contend with daily reminders of her otherness, like being the only girl in school that wears a hijab. Keeping her Muslim father proud and integrating into American teen life with make-up, proms and boys is a hard line to walk. This touching film explores a young life caught between highly politicized identities. IMDB.com 

You can also download the schedule here.


previously shown in A new view films series 
  • Rising from the Ashes
  • Lemon Tree
  • Redemption of General Butt-Head
  • Dancing in Jaffa
  • Inuk
  • The Many Storeys and Last Days of Thomas Merton
  • Inocente
  • Service to Man
  • Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story
  • Arranged
  • Beyond Right and Wrong
  • The Citizen
  • Sonita
  • Dakota 38
  • How Sweet the Sound: Gospel in Los Angeles
  • What Do You Believe Now?