Religious Literacy

Religious diversity workshops help people gain insight, bridge communication gaps, and empower people to become leaders in interfaith diversity and leaders for social change.

Appreciation of religious diversity is a key element in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment both at work and in your community. Religious Diversity Workshop participants develop religious literacy or awareness and/or develop and practice empathy. Workshops can be tailored to the needs of your organization, with a blend of informational and interactive sessions to meet your goals. 

Right: In 2019, CIC organized a collection of religious diversity workshops in the form of sacred spaces tours with a cohort from Eli Lilly. In November, the cohort visited Masjid Al-Fajr and spoke with Imam Ahmed Alamine before participating in dyads facilitated by CIC Board Member Tony Wiederhold.

Eli Lilly team receiving religious diversity training on Islam at Masjid Al-Fajr, pictured with Imam Ahmed Alamine
Increasing Religious Literacy - Building Knowledge

Increase religious literacy and help people authentically encounter individuals from diverse religious traditions. CIC can customize training that includes:

  • Sacred space tours – visit one of many central Indiana houses of worship for a guided tour and facilitated discussion.
  • Face to Face or Digital Dialogue with knowledgeable representatives of a variety of faiths including an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications.
  • Religious literacy presentations with an opportunity to learn more about different faiths, including key beliefs, religious holidays, symbols, prayer spaces, prayer practices, etc.
Building Empathy - Addressing Biases and Behaviors

CIC can moderate a process/dialogue in a sensitive way which will allow employees to become aware of biases held about certain religious groups, face their own hidden blind spots in how they think about different religions, and address behaviors and practices in the workplace that might make people feel excluded. 

How to schedule a training

Are you interested in hosting religious diversity trainings for your organization.  Contact Development & Marketing Director Jennifer Neer at or complete the form below.  We look forward to working with you!

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